Freelancers: level up your banking with the Roam Gig Suite

Open a no fee bank account designed just for you with features to help you get paid faster and keep more of the money you earn.

Experience financial freedom with easier income management, faster payments and invoices, expense and mileage tracking, withholding recommendations that flex with your income, and automatic quarterly IRS payments.


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The Roam Gig Suite powered by:

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What's in the Roam Gig Suite

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Checking Account

Keep your income and business purchases in a separate account so you can have a clear understanding of your money coming and going. Get ready to experience effortless budgeting!

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Savings Account w/ Tax Withholding

A dedicated tax withholding account from Somerset Trust Company to help you save for taxes outside of your personal finances.

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RoamHR App

Auto calculates your projected earnings, helps you send invoices and get paid faster, tracks mileage and expenses, and even automates quarterly tax payments— no more tax fees!

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Mastercard Gig Debit Card*

Features enhanced ID theft protection and Mastercard Send, allowing you to get paid almost instantly (optional with additional cost).
Debit cards ship immediately upon availability

We'll manage the business side so you can focus on getting paid

If you’re a 1099 earner, everything banking and taxes related falls on your shoulders: from invoicing to putting aside money for expenses, vacation, and taxes.

Keeping track of everything, saving the right amount, and ensuring your income stays separate from your personal finances can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s where the Roam Gig Suite comes in.

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Saves for when it matters

Both good and bad surprises happen, and those surprises require money. Keeping your income separate from your personal finances with the Roam Gig Suite will save you headaches down the road. And don’t forget about taxes! We also help you save all of your estimated tax withholding in a separate Tax Withholding Account, which can automate payments to the IRS.



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Instant access to your money

Send quick invoices and get paid faster with the Roam Gig Suite. Access and move money from your checking to savings and back again instantly. Save a little extra to plan for a vacation, or transfer from savings to pay for that new laptop.



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Gives you more financial control

We built the Roam Gig Suite specifically for the freelance economy. From fluctuating income to saving for taxes, no matter how complex your situation may be, we make managing your finances painless.



Mileage Tracker

Tracks mileage, expenses, and deductions

Keeping records of your freelancing expenses is critical. The Roam Gig Suite helps you find deductions right from your connected checking account, saving you money when filing taxes. 

Travel for work? Use the Roam Gig Suite to automatically track trips from your device and integrate it into your overall expense tracking.